About Us

Service Area

We boast a vast, yet targeted service area at the Law Office of John C. Jordan. Our firm is based in Orlando, Florida, but we assist clients residing throughout Orange, Seminole, Osceola, and Lake Counties. Our clients benefit from our targeted approach to law and clear familiarity with the local legal system.

Practice Areas

At the Law Office of John C. Jordan, we primarily focus on family law. Our clients deal with a range of stressful family matters, including divorce, domestic violence, and more. With our help, clients are able to resolve such issues promptly and effectively — and move on with their lives.

In addition to handling family cases, we assist those in the midst of foreclosure proceedings. Our efforts allow clients to remain in their homes as long as possible, with many escaping foreclosure altogether. Additionally, in avoiding foreclosure or pursuing suggested alternatives, our clients can protect their credit scores. We can help clients prove that lenders’ foreclosure actions are unwarranted or even illegal.

Approach to Law

Family and foreclosure law are very sensitive practice areas, calling for an assertive, yet compassionate approach. At the Law Office of John C. Jordan, we’re well aware of the emotional toll that such proceedings can take; the last thing we want is to add to our clients’ emotional burden. However, we also feel that clients benefit most when they’re thoroughly educated on the legal process and their prospects in court. The more our clients know, the better they can prepare themselves for all prospective courtroom situations.

The Law Office of John C. Jordan: Compassionate, Caring, and Zealous Representation in Orlando

Strong legal representation can make all the difference as you navigate the divorce process or strive to halt a foreclosure. If you work with us, you can expect effective representation from an attorney with an exceptional track record. For more information, contact us at the Law Office of John C. Jordan at your earliest convenience.