John C. Jordan

“I have been an attorney in the state of Florida for 30 years. My practice areas include family law, criminal law, and foreclosure defense. I strive to provide to my clients candor along with conscientious and caring representation. I will take cases to court on behalf of my clients when necessary; however in many instances, particularly in family law, a negotiated resolution can save all parties time, expense, and heartache.”  – John C. Jordan

From divorce to child abuse, family matters require a sensitive touch. No matter the nature of your current legal concerns, you need a representative you can trust. You’ll find that in our top attorney, John C. Jordan.

With over thirty years of success as a Florida attorney, John C. Jordan boasts a truly commendable track record. He understands the legal struggle you face, but is more than capable of bringing your case to a swift and satisfactory conclusion.

Academic History

Prior to entering the legal profession, John C. Jordan attended Florida State University as both an undergraduate and graduate student. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Sociology in 1975, followed by a Master of Science in Social Studies Education in 1977. Eventually, he decided to shift his focus towards law. He earned his Juris Doctor from the Stetson University College of Law in 1985. More recently, he expanded his academic breadth by pursuing mental health counseling education at Rollins College, where he was involved with Psi Chi.

Professional Background

Since graduating from law school, John C. Jordan has built a strong reputation in Florida, where clients speak highly of his assertive, yet compassionate approach to family law. Much of his work in law has involved family issues, including abuse and neglect. For example, he investigated abuse and abandonment cases and made recommendations based on those investigations to Orange County courts. He was also an attorney for several years with the Children’s Rights Foundation, representing clients in difficult cases involving abuse allegations.

In addition to taking on legal positions with the Children’s Rights Foundation and other organizations, John C. Jordan plays an integral role at our esteemed firm, the Law Office of John C. Jordan. Our law firm primarily handles family matters, although we’re also willing to defend clients in the midst of the foreclosure process. All of our clients enjoy exceptional representation from an attorney who clearly cares about their future and their family.

As you deal with the complications of divorce or other family matters, it’s critical that you work with an attorney you trust — somebody who will fight for your best interests. John C. Jordan will gladly advocate for you in court, mediation, or whatever legal environments prove necessary. Contact us at the Law Office of John C. Jordan today to learn more.