Florida Family Lawyer

Family law matters have a lasting impact on personal relationships and it’s important to resolve disagreements as amicably as possible. Although emotions may run high, the process and outcomes of these disputes will have a lasting effect. Negotiating a resolution is especially important when minor children and co-parenting are involved. That’s why it’s important to work with an experienced Orlando family law attorney. At the Law Office of John C. Jordan, we advocate for collaborative divorce to maximize cooperation and minimize hard feelings after your leave the courtroom.

What is Collaborative Divorce?

The basic idea behind this approach to family law is to bring people into agreement about how to end a marriage. By reaching a settlement about dividing marital assets, child support, visitation and other sometimes contentious issues, the best interests of all involved can be achieved. The process involves negotiations between attorneys, mediator sessions and other family practitioners may can be brought in to help bridge gaps.

During a stressful divorce, it may seem to the parties involved that you are too far apart on the issues to resolve any them. Seldom is that the case. Parents always want what’s in their child’s best interest and family professionals can help to clarify the best ways to secure a happy and productive family life for them. Parents are generally willing to meet in the middle for their child’s welfare. Another motivating factor for coming to a voluntarily resolution is that it avoids costly and acrimonious litigation.

Why Mediation Can Be Productive

Florida requires that divorcing couples enter into either court-appointed or private mediation before engaging in litigation. With the help of an experienced Orlando family law attorney, this can be a fruitful first-step to a more robust collaborative divorce. The mediation process encourages people to discuss their differences and needs. Temporary orders may be generated from these discussions while broader attorney-led negotiations take place. In some cases, the details can be hammered out for a reasonable final divorce decree. In others, litigation can be reduced to hearings on a limited number of stumbling blocks. At the end of the day, the collaborative process increases the likelihood for an amicable divorce, positive co-parenting and tends to be cost effective.

At the Law Office of John C. Jordan, we believe in caring, compassionate and zealous representation. If you are considering divorce or another family law matter, call us for a consultation today.