Florida Foreclosure Defense Lawyer

Proud homeowners dread little more than the prospect of foreclosure, which, in addition to leaving them without a home, can destroy their credit and make future home ownership all but impossible to achieve. All hope is not lost — with the right attorney on your side, you can halt foreclosure proceedings and retain possession of the house you’ve worked so hard to make a home.

Counsel and representation from the Law Office of John C. Jordan could be key to stopping your foreclosure. John Jordan is passionate about foreclosure law and eager to keep you and your family in your current home.

Alternatives to Foreclosure

Depending on your situation, you may be eligible for certain alternatives to foreclosure. Although not all of these will allow you to come away a homeowner, many are financially preferable to foreclosure. Loan modification is a top option, as it allows you to reduce mortgage payments as you get back on your feet. If loan modification is impossible, short sale may prove necessary; this involves selling the property for less than you currently owe. Although short sale may impact your credit, it’s not nearly as devastating as having a foreclosure on your record. In select cases, deed in lieu may be possible. This means signing ownership of the property back to the lender.

Fighting Back Against Lenders

Perhaps, instead of pursuing an alternative to foreclosure, you prefer to fight back against fraudulent or unfair lenders. Florida is a judicial foreclosure state, so lenders must go to court before forcing you out of your home. During this time, you can use various defenses to demonstrate that lenders have not properly followed the foreclosure process or are otherwise ineligible to foreclose on your home.

The Law Office of John C. Jordan can help you through all steps of the foreclosure process. John Jordan will ask your lender tough questions, ensuring your best interests are defended. For example, he can call your lender’s standing into question or prove that your lender’s transactions were fraudulent or illegal.

Don’t let foreclosure proceedings destroy your life and the lives of your family members. Contact the Law Office of John C. Jordan at your earliest convenience to schedule a case consultation. The sooner you begin working with a trusted legal representative, the sooner you can bring foreclosure proceedings to a stop.